The Canadian Biodiversity Strategy envisions "a society that lives and develops as part of nature, values the diversity of life, takes no more than can be replenished and leaves to future generations a nurturing and dynamic world, rich in biodiversity".

Governments at all levels in Canada are working towards achieving this vision through developing national and sub-national policies, strategies and other measures to conserve, protect, use biodiversity in a sustainable manner. They also play a role in raising public awareness of biodiversity through communication and education, and cooperating with the international community on global biodiversity issues.

Canada was the first industrialized country to sign and ratify the Convention, and hosts the Convention's Secretariat in Montreal, Québec. For more than ten years, federal, provincial and territorial governments have been working together to sustain Canada's biodiversity through the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy and complementary provincial and territorial biodiversity strategies. The Biodiversity Outcomes Framework builds on the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy, identifies and links current and future priorities, and establishes a system for planning, implementation and reporting.

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Cover of the Ontario Biodiversity Strategy | Image: Ontario Biodiversity Council
The Northwest Territories Biodiversity Team works on implementing the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy through its territorial Action Plan.
Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy is about protecting what sustains us – our collective life support system. Protecting the diversity of life on Earth requires broad societal consensus and participation. It is a challenge not for some of us, but for all of us. This strategy was renewed and re-released on June 22, 2011 and calls on governments, conservation organizations, industry and all Ontarians to participate in “protecting what sustains us”.
Québec’s Biological Diversity Plan 2004 – 2007 consists of a strategy and action plan on biological diversity. The Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks is responsible for the coordination of this plan.
Maintaining the province's biodiversity for now and into the future will take planning, cooperation and commitment from the public, special interest groups and the government. The Biodiversity Action Plan guides the conservation actions of all government sectors through to 2009.
The New Brunswick Biodiversity Strategy is intended as a step towards including an awareness of biodiversity in all aspects of our lives. The strategy provides broad direction, and will serve as a starting point from which to plan specific actions.