Authors and Contributors

Canadian Biodiversity: Ecosystem Status and Trends 2010 is a collaborative effort of the federal, provincial, and territorial governments of Canada. It was prepared by Joan Eamer, Trish Hayes, and Risa Smith under the guidance of the Steering Committee and two secretariats. Information was drawn from technical reports prepared for each ecozone+ (Technical Ecozone+ Status and Trends Reports) and for national cross-cutting themes (Technical Thematic Reports). Links to these reports will be added to the Technical Reports page as they are published.

Project Co-leads

  • Environment Canada: Risa Smith
  • Nova Scotia: Sherman Boates
  • British Columbia: Matt Austin

Steering Committee

  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Shelley Pardy Moores
  • Nova Scotia: Sherman Boates
  • Prince Edward Island: Dan McAskill, Rosemary Curley
  • New Brunswick: Steve Gordon, Vince Zelazny
  • Ontario: Bill Dalton
  • Manitoba: Veronika Kanya
  • Nunavut: Mathieu Dumond, Hillary Robison, Drikus Gissing
  • Northwest Territories: Suzanne Carrière
  • Saskatchewan: Ben Sawa, Randy Seguin, Doug Campbell, Sara James, Ann Riemer
  • Alberta: Ted Nason
  • British Columbia: Angeline Tillmanns, Rowena Rae, Matt Austin
  • Yukon: Tom Jung, Wendy Nixon, Michael White, Mike Connor
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Henry Lear, Vanessa Sutton, Jake Rice
  • Environment Canada: Courtney Price, Julie Suzanne Pollock, Stephen Virc
  • Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada: John Hall, Mike Fullerton, Christian Malouin, Brenda McAfee
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Melanie Dubois, Pat MacGregor, Sarah Kalff, Robin Mackay
  • Québec (observer): Benoît Limoges

Secretariat (Environment Canada)

  • Trish Hayes (Chair), Joan Eamer, Risa Smith, Jodi Frisk, Isabelle Turcotte
  • Technical support: Kelly Badger, Cristina Spalvieri, Roxanne Koczwarski, Jennifer Elliot, Cynthia Johnston, Rob Rankin
  • Design support: Kelly Badger

Secretariat (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, marine ecozones+)

  • Andrea White, Patrice Simon, Robin Brown, Andrea Niemi, Réjean Dufour, Tana Worcester, Nadine Templeman

Technical Thematic Reports

  • Ecological classification system for the ecosystem status and trends report. R. Rankin, M. Austin, and J. Rice. Technical Thematic Report No. 1.
  • Classifying threats to biodiversity. C. Wong. Technical Thematic Report No. 2.
  • Land classification scheme for the ecosystem status and trends report. J. Frisk. Technical Thematic Report No. 3.
  • Large-scale climate oscillations influencing Canada. B. Bonsal and A. Shabbar. Technical Thematic Report No. 4.  
  • Canadian climate trends, 1950-2007. X. Zhang, R. Brown, L. Vincent, W. Skinner, Y. Feng, and E. Mekis. Technical Thematic Report No. 5.  
  • Trends in large fires in Canada, 1959 to 2007. C.C. Krezek-Hanes, A. Cantin, and M.D. Flannigan. Technical Thematic Report No. 6.
  • Wildlife pathogens and diseases in Canada. F.A. Leighton. Technical Thematic Report No. 7. Contributors: I.K. Barker, D. Campbell, P.-Y. Daoust, Z. Lucas, J. Lumsden, D. Schock, H. Schwantje, K. Taylor, and G. Wobeser.
  • Trends in breeding waterfowl in Canada. M. Fast, B. Collins, and M. Gendron. Technical Thematic Report No. 8.  
  • Trends in permafrost conditions and ecology in northern Canada. S. Smith. Technical Thematic Report No. 9.  
  • Northern caribou population trends in Canada. A. Gunn and D. Russell. Technical Thematic Report No. 10.
  • Woodland caribou, boreal population, trends in Canada. C. Callaghan, S. Virc, and J. Duffe. Technical Thematic Report No. 11.  
  • Landbird trends in Canada, 1968-2006. C. Downes, P. Blancher, and B. Collins. Technical Thematic Report No. 12.
  • Trends in Canadian shorebirds. C. Gratto-Trevor, R.I.G. Morrison, B. Collins, J. Rausch, and V. Johnston. Technical Thematic Report No. 13.  
  • Trends in wildlife habitat capacity on agricultural land in Canada, 1986-2006. S.K. Javorek and M.C. Grant. Technical Thematic Report No. 14.
  • Trends in residual soil nitrogen for agricultural land in Canada, 1981-2006. C.F. Drury, J.Y. Yang, and R. De Jong. Technical Thematic Report No. 15.  
  • Soil erosion on cropland – introduction and trends for Canada. B.G. McConkey, D.A. Lobb, S. Li, J.M.W. Black, and P.M. Krug. Technical Thematic Report No. 16.   
  • Monitoring ecosystems remotely: a selection of trends measured from satellite observations of Canada. F. Ahern, J. Frisk, R. Latifovic, and D. Pouliot. Technical Thematic Report No. 17.
  • Inland colonial waterbird and marsh bird trends for Canada. C. Weseloh. Technical Thematic Report No. 18. Contributors: G. Beyersbergen, S. Boyd, A. Breault, P. Brousseau, S.G. Gilliland, B. Jobin, B. Johns, V. Johnston, S. Meyer, C. Pekarik, J. Rausch and S.I. Wilhelm.
  • Climate-driven trends in Canadian streamflow, 1961-2003. A. Cannon, T. Lai, and P. Whitfield. Technical Thematic Report No. 19.
  • Ecosystem status and trends report: biodiversity in Canadian lakes and rivers. W.A. Monk and D.J. Baird. Technical Thematic Report No. 20. Contributors: R.A. Curry, N. Glozier, and D.L. Peters.

Technical Thematic Reports Published Elsewhere

  • Changes in Canadian seabird populations and ecology since 1970 in relation to changes in oceanography and food webs. A.J. Gaston, D.F. Bertram, A.W. Boyne, J.W. Chardine, G. Davoren, A.W. Diamond, A. Hedd, W.A. Montevecchi, J.M. Hipfner, M.J.F. Lemon, M.L. Mallory, J.-F. Rail, and G.J. Robertson. Environmental Reviews 17:267-286.

Technical Ecozone+ Status and Trends Reports

  • Arctic Lead authors: J. Eamer, L. Harding and G. Henry. Contributing authors: S. Carrière, J. Goulet, C. Haas, J. Paquet, M. Reichard, R. Smith, and L. Torretti.
  • Atlantic Maritime Lead author: S. Eaton. Contributing authors: J. Barr, T. Hayes, G. MacAskill, J.-P. Savard, R. Siron, I. Turcotte, and A.-M. Turgeon.
  • Boreal Cordillera Lead authors: M. Nelitz and L. Harding. Contributing authors: M. Austin, B. Drinkwater, C. Eamer, T. Jung, G. Kuzyk, and S. Leverkus.
  • Boreal Plains Lead authors: D. Haughland and A. Lennie. Contributing authors: K. Hannah, H. Kling, N. McCutchen, and E. Shipley.
  • Boreal Shield Lead authors: I. Turcotte, L. Venier and D. Kirk. Contributing authors: S. Banducci, J. Boyd, N.M. Burgess, É. Cadieux, C. Curley, B. Dalton, M. Darveau, C. Eckley, D. Francoeur, M. Girardin,  B. Greenwell, S. Hay, M. Hilderman, D.S. Jeffries, M.-C. Leblanc, R. Lussier, P. Masson, M. McLaughlan, R. Miller, E. Muto, T.L. Noland, K. Pawley, N. Peterson, V. Provost, J. Rodrigue, B. Rodrigues, M. Rogers, L. Royer, J.-P.L. Savard, J.-P. Savard, R. Schetagne R. Siron, J. Stewart, A.-M. Turgeon, R. Verdon, R.C. Weeber, W. Wistowsky, and I. Wong.
  • Great Lakes Lead author: S. Garden. Contributing authors: J. Allair, S. Bailey, K. Bowen, S. Chong, P. Chow-Fraser, G. Christie, A. Cottrill, B. Cudmore, R. Dermott, S. Doka, J. Esbjerg, J. Fitzsimons, D. Gonder, S. Guilford, K. Hedges, B. Henson, K. Holeck, N. Hooseinny, T. Johnson, D. Kraus, W. Leger, D. Loftus, R. MacGregor, N. Mandrak, P. Martin, S. Meyer, E. Mills, K. Minns, T. Morris, I.F. Munawar, M. Munawar, H. Niblock, M. Oldham, T. Schaner, B. Shuter, R. Smith, J. Switzman, C. Wiley, E. Wright, and Y. Zhao.
  • Hudson Plains Lead authors: K.F. Abraham, L.M. McKinnon, Z. Jumean, S.M. Tully, L.R. Walton and H.M. Stewart. Contributing authors: D. Berezanski, F. Berkes, W. Bernhardt, L. Brown, V. Crichton, W.J. Crins, F.N. Dawson, L.A. Dredge, J. Duncan, R.A. Fleming, M.-P. Girardin, W.A. Gough, R.L. Jefferies, V. Kanya, G.J. Kayahara, R. Koes, S. Kowalchuk, R. Lalonde, C. Latremouille, R. Man, I.P. Martini, S. McGovern, J.W. McLaughlin, K. Middel, B. Mighton, K.M. Monson, M.E. Obbard, C. Paitre, R.D. Phoenix, M. Piercy-Normore, J.S. Price, E. Punter, J.C. Ray, R. Roughley, G.A.J. Scott, M. Vukelich, and K.L. Webster.
  • Mixedwood Plains Lead authors: K. Taylor and D. Krahn. Contributing authors: W.D. Bakowsky, D. Bazley, M. Bevan, S. Bhavsar, J. Bowman, B. Boysen, B. Brownson, D.M. Burke, Q. Chiotti, B. Collins, A. Crook, B. Dalton, R. Dixon, L. Duchesne, D. DuMoulin, T. Dunkley, W. Dunlop, A. Dyk, A. Ecclestone, K. Elliot, A.K. Evers, K. Falk, D. Featherstone, K. Ferguson, M. Furrer, R. Gagnon, M. Garvin, M. Gatt, P. Gray, A. Handyside, I. Heathcote, M. Heaton, C. Heydon, N. Hooseinny, S. Hounsell, J. Hughes, T. Hutchinson, M. Irvine, S. Jarvie, F.C. Jones, G. Kaltenecker, P. Kor, B. Kowalyk, D. Leckie, A. MacIntosh, J. McHattie, T. McIntosh, F. McKay, G. McLaren, M. McMurtry, K. Milian, M. Nicol, G. Nielsen, C. Nielson, A.J. Norman, I. Ockenden, R. Pineo, B. Pond, S. Poser, D. Puric-Mladenovic, K. Reese, J.-A. Rzadki, T. Scarr, T. Schwan, P. Smith, R. Spence, L. Stanfield, S. Strobl, J. Switzman, D. Tailon, D. Tammadge, A. Tanentzap, J. Thompson, A. Todd, S. Voros, A. Wallace, P. Waring, O. Williams, R. Wilson, W. Wistowsky, A. Woodliffe, E. Wright, and R. Zeran.
  • Montane Cordillera Lead author: L. Harding. Contributing author: B. Harrison.
  • Newfoundland Boreal Lead authors: S. Pardy-Moores, J. Humber, and T. Leonard. Contributing authors: J. Blake, J. Gosse, C. Hanel, G. Luther, M. McGrath, D. Pelley, C. Sheffield, and S. Squires.
  • Pacific Maritime Lead authors: A. Eriksson, F. Backhouse and A. Leslie. Contributing authors: M. Austin, D. Buffett, and R. Smith.
  • Prairie Lead authors: J. Thorpe and B. Godwin. Contributing authors: B. Dale, J. DeVries, M. Dubois, S. Hay, T. Hayes, N. Henderson, J. Karst, and S. Michalsky.
  • Taiga Cordillera Lead authors: N. Maclean and J. Eamer. Contributing authors: S. Carrière, J. Hawkings, T. Jung, W. Nixon, and B. Oosenbrug.
  • Taiga Plains Lead author: A. Gunn. Contributing authors: S. Carrière and J. Eamer.
  • Taiga Shield Lead author: A. Gunn. Contributing authors: D. Cantin, S. Carrière, J. Eamer, R. Lussier, A. Penn, R. Schetagne, and R. Verdon.
  • Western Interior Basin Lead authors: D. Gayton, L. Harding, and T. Hayes. Contributing authors: K. Brock, B. Harrison, G. Kuzyk, and R. Rae.
  • Arctic Marine (including the Beaufort Sea, Canadian Arctic Archipelago, and the Hudson Bay, James Bay and Foxe Basin) Lead authors: A. Niemi, J. Paulic and D. Cobb.
  • Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence Lead authors: R. Dufour, H. Benoit, M. Castonguay, J. Chassé, L. Devine, P. Galbraith, M. Harvey, P. Larouche, S. Lessard, B. Petrie, L. Savard, C. Savenkoff, L. St-Amand, and M. Starr.
  • Gulf of Maine and Scotian Shelf Lead authors: T. Worcester and M. Parker.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Shelves Lead author: N. Templeman.
  • North Coast and Hecate Strait Lead authors: P. Cummins and R. Haigh.
  • Strait of Georgia Lead authors: S. Johannessen and B. McCarter.
  • West coast of Vancouver Island Lead authors: D. Ianson and L. Flostrand.

Other contributors

  • R. Hélie, J.-F. Gobeil and R. Vanderkam provided protected area data and analysis.
  • Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing provided data.
  • D. Hurlburt prepared a review and synthesis of Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge.
  • V. Schaefer prepared a draft report on urban biodiversity.
  • The International Institute for Sustainable Development and ESSA Technologies Ltd. prepared initial scoping and background work and assisted with workshop facilitation.
  • G. Sheehy, J. Lord and C. Eamer prepared first drafts of some of the Evidence for Key Findings ecozone+ summary reports.
  • Several contractors and government staff facilitated expert workshops that were held across Canada.
  • A. Moores, K. Hodges, and J. Reynolds of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution organized a symposium and peer review.
  • Hundreds of experts from government, academia, and non-government organizations across Canada attended workshops to help guide the technical background reports and identify issues.
  • Hundreds of experts from academia, government, non-government organizations, and private consultants provided peer review for case studies, key findings, and technical background reports.