Caring for Canada's Biodiversity: 4th National Report Summary

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Every four years, Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) are required to submit a National Report on implementation of the Convention. Canada’s Fourth National Report to the CBD was submitted in July 2009. Caring for Canada’s Biodiversity is an updated summary of the larger report designed to highlight progress towards Canada’s Biodiversity Outcomes.

This report includes examples of actions being taken by a broad spectrum of Canadian society including all levels of government, Aboriginal peoples, business, non-government organizations, educational and research institutions and youth to realize our respective conservation objectives. Information on efforts to assess, plan, and track biodiversity-related action was collected in partnership with government agencies and non-government partners across the country.

Caring for Canada's Biodiversity is divided into the following sections:

  • Canada’s biodiversity: an introduction
  • Maintaining healthy ecosystems
  • Sustaining viable populations of species
  • Maintaining genetic diversity
  • Sustainable use of Canada’s living resources
  • Improving the knowledge base for conservation and sustainable use
  • A role for all Canadians
  • Looking forward